Sunday, July 5, 2009


This famous place for waterfalls is in Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu, India and is also called kutralam or the spa in the south. Other names of this health resort are

  • Pithur KandaTheerthapuram
  • Mukthiveli
  • Thirunagaram
  • Nannagaram
  • Vasanthaperur

It is not only a romantic place but also a suitable place for meditation. It is best to be visited from June to September.

It is a great pleasure to enjoy the drizzle here. We feel neither wet nor dry.
There are several water falls namely Main falls, Chittaruvi, chitraruvi or Small falls, Shenbagadevi falls or shenbaga aruvi, Honey falls (Thenaruvi), Five falls (Aindaruvi),Tiger falls (Puliaruvi), New falls and Old falls.

The water falls on us with great force and tones up the muscles and nerves. It is believed that the falling water from the hills contain medicines to cure diseases.

Massage centers for both men and women are available and the experience of getting massaged before taking a bath under the falls is so nice which can’t be explained simply.

  • Thirukootachala Nathar (Shiv Mandir / Sivan Koil) temple or Thirukuttralanathar temple(Amman'sname is Kuzhalal VaiMozhi)
  • Shenbagadevi (Goddess) Temple
  • Sastha Temple
  • Koothar temple
  • Chithira Sabai
  • ThirugnanaSambandar temple
  • Courtalla Nangai temple
  • Nannagaram Pillaiyar temple
  • ThittaiPillaiyar temple
  • Sundaramoorthi temple
  • Pongumam Kadal / Pongumangadal
are worthful to be visited.

The nearest airport is at Madurai. The nearby railway stations are Tenkasi and Sengottai. It is near Tirunelveli.

Courtallam is 58 Km by road fromTirunelveli and 6 Km from Tenkasi Railway Station.
Accommodation is available.