Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nava Tirupathis / Nav Tirupati

All nine Vaishnavite temples are in Tuticorin district, Tamilnadu, India, about 40 km from Tirunelveli and 25 km from Tiruchendur. They form a cluster around Sri Vaikundam and Alwar Tiru Nagari, which straddle the north and south banks respectively of the River Thamiraparani.

The Nava Tirupathis are:

·        Sri Vaikundam: It is believed to have been so named by Lord Brahma, when He came here to do penance as He found the place similar to Vaikunda.

·        Then Tiru Perai: Tiru Perai in south Pandya Nadu(then means therku, that means south). Bhoomi Devi had taken bath here.

·        Tiru Puliangudi:This is the place, where Lord Brahma helped Lord Indra to obtain redemption.

·        Alwar Tiru Nagari: Alwar Thirunagari houses the Lord "Adi Nathan (moolavar) and "Polindu Nindra Piran" (Utsavar). Its old name was Thiru Nagari. The place got the prefix`Alwar' as the great Vaishnavite saint Nammalwar attained salvation here. Swami Nammalwar did penance inside the trunk of a tamarind tree (it is still available). The railway station of Azhwar Tirunagari is on the Tirunelveli-Tiruchendur line. All the passenger trains stop here. The Temple is about a mile from the Railway station. Buses, boarding and lodging are available. Nava Tirupathis can be visited conveniently from here.

·        Tiru Kulandai (Perungulam): Here Kamalavathi performed penance to marry the Lord and fulfilled her desire.

·        Tiru Kolur: Here Lord Kubera regained the Nava Nidhi, the nine types of wealth, he had lost after being cursed. Regaining lost wealth through a visit here remains an article of faith.

·        Tiru Tholai Villi Mangalam (Irattai Tirupathi):Here pair of scales and a bow were transformed into a young woman named Thulai and a man called Villi. Lord Perumal is worshipped in two forms in two neighbouring temples.

·        Tiru Varagunamangai (Natham): Here the sage Romasa did penance.

·        Two Thaayars in all these Nava Thirupathi Divyadesams is the speciality.

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